Wheels & Brakes

According to a report published by the RAC Foundation, road accidents on UK roads were responsible for 1,730 fatalities and 186,189 injuries in 2015. Out of these, passengers (not drivers) account for the largest percentage of road accident victims. To avoid causing an accident while driving to work or running errands, it is advisable to ensure your car's wheels and brakes work properly. This is in addition to ensuring that all wheels are well aligned. Below are some tips for purchasing brakes and wheels, as well as a quick look at the importance of wheel alignment.

Extra information about wheel alignment and tracking

Buying Wheels and Brakes


Buy wheels and brakes that are compatible with your car. In this case, the acceptable practice is to buy vehicle parts that comply with your car manufacturer's specifications. Even if you do not have a car manual, you can easily find the relevant information on your vehicle manufacturer's website or sites that publish content related to vehicles. Although you may be tempted to purchase and install fancy parts that do not comply with manufacturer specifications, remember doing so could void your warranty (for owners of new cars). Moreover, installing incompatible brakes or wheels on your car increases the likelihood of catastrophic part failure and even worse, this could happen while you are driving and lead to a fatal road accident. It is also worth noting that installing incompatible wheels makes wheel tracking and alignment hard.


According to the anti-counterfeiting organization UK Anti-Piracy, counterfeit parts especially for BMW cars have proliferated on online auction sites with some so well copied and packaged that they could fool even experienced buyers. The problem with such parts is they are usually substandard, which means they have a shorter lifetime than original parts and may not fit correctly. This means they could fail prematurely. To avoid installing fake parts, Francis Boateng, CEO of Mid Atlantic Investments Mobility Technologies recommends avoiding car parts including brakes manufactured in China, India, or Taiwan because they are the leading sources of fake vehicle parts. Alternatively, purchase replacement parts directly from your car manufacturer. It is also wise to purchase parts from reputable auction sites because they are likely to have implemented policies designed to prevent sales of counterfeit products.

The Importance of wheel alignment and tracking

For starters, car wheels tend to become misaligned over time due to the vagaries of daily driving such as hitting a pothole or kerb. Moreover, misalignment subjects wheels to a faster rate of wear and tear. It also degrades the quality and the comfort of car occupants. Fortunately, wheel alignment can resolve these issues and improve your driving experience. This is in addition to improving car safety and increasing the lifetime of all wheels (you do not have to replace them frequently). Over time, this could translate to substantial savings of money over time. You can prevent these problems by taking your car to an expert for wheel alignment.


When buying car wheels or brakes, it is wise to ensure they are authentic and compatible with your car. Additionally, you should take your car to a professional garage for wheel tracking and alignment in order to prevent premature wear and tear of your new wheels, as well as improve driver and passenger comfort.